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The Band

Jeff Tyler:
Mandolin, fiddle, guitar, jug, kazoo, paper bag

Dave Rubin:
Guitar, harmonica, jew's harp, jug, kazoo, occassional assorted mouth noises.

Jim Vasconcellos:
Upright bass, washtub bass, jug, kazoo, recaller of ineresting facts

Jared Grubow:
washboard, coffee can drum set, other percussion (on college leave)

Doug Bowen
Returning from the past on vocals, guitar, hammer dulcimer, saw

Donald Bowen
Banjo, vocals, kazoo, assorted interesting voices

The revolving group of special guests:

Gary Wikfors:
Featured member on what ever instrument he feels like (as he plays them all) whenever we can lure him out of the Connecticut woods.

Jerry Fabris:
Guitar, harmonica, historical perspective.

Dave Frisch: (1952-2003)
vocals, guitar, slide guitar,harmonica on the Living Room Tapes

The Swampettes:
Audrey Tyler, Lauren Rubin, Hannah Grubow & Stacey Tyler provide vocals, kazoo and other sound effects on special occasions

The Almost Original Synthetic Swampgrass Jug-Band.com

A.K.A. - Son of the Original Synthetic Hickey Goodtime Rinky Dink Jugband Inc. - Urban Swampgrass.

The Almost Original Synthetic Swampgrass Jug Band.com actually began many years ago. Rumor has it that the boys got together for a high school talent show, since at that time no one could play any real instruments, kazoos, jugs, washtub bass, and other household implements were used. The Jug Band was an instant hit and it was decided that it would be a good idea to learn to play some real instruments, so they did.

Over the years the group has had many names (ask Jim, the bass player for proper chronology). During the late 1970's and early 1980's the band played all over the New York metro area. They played with Vassar Clements, Jay Unger, Del McCoury and many others.

Swampgrass Jug-band forces people to be free. This can be witnessed when the audience has the uncontrollable urge to play a kazoo or scrape a washboard along with us.